10 Important Terms In Online Poker Real Money Games

10 Important Terms In Online Poker Real Money Games

Playing poker is really fun. The game that is usually played when gathering with friends is in fact now available online. We can play poker online for real money. Besides getting pleasure, of course we will benefit. The condition is we must win the game.

Well before we can win the game, we must first understand the various terms in the online poker game. Because there are some terms that we don’t find in poker casino gambling agents but there are times when we play poker online for real money. What are they? Here are some important terms:

1. Decks

Decks will be found when playing online poker. Understanding decks is a term for the cards used to play poker. There are 52 types of cards. Each grouped into 4 suits (groups) and each group has 13 grades.

The 4 suits (groups) consist of Clubber / Curly (♣), Heart (♥), Diamond / Diamond (♦), and Spade / Skop / Black Waru (♠). While for grades the value consists of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. For J (Jack) cards can be considered worth 11, Q (Queen) is worth 12 , K (King) has a value of 13. Especially for A (Ace) can be 1 or 14, depending on the function.

2. Blinds

Blinds are the minimum and maximum bets that are forced because the player is next to the dealer (D). Bet for the blind must even be done before the cards are dealt. This means that if you want to play (get cards) you must first place a bet according to the value of the blind.

There are two types of blinds that you can choose. It can be ‘small blind’ or minimum bet limit and also ‘big blind’ or maximum bet limit (bet) that you must place because you are next to the dealer before cards are dealt. The amount of blinds can be seen from the table stakes. For example a table with 500/1000 stakes. This means that the small blind is 500, and 1000 is the big blind.

3. Stakes

What are stakes? Stakes is a term in real money poker that is used to refer to a table based on the value of the small blind and also the big blind on the table. For example 500/1000, 300/600, or 1000/2000 and others.

4. Chips

Even though it’s called online poker betting real money, but what we use to bet is not money. But chips that we have bought with our money. Chips are the “currencies” used in online poker games and several other types of gambling.

These chips are worth the money. In the world of gambling, chips have an intrinsic value of a certain amount to be used in betting. Chips can be cashed back by the player to the publisher if the player wants to stop playing.

5. Min / Max Buy In

It is a term for chips that can be brought by players to the betting table. So in playing poker online, it doesn’t mean that you can carry all the chips or bring only a few chips. But there are rules about how many minimal and maximum chips you can carry. Min / Max Buy In is listed on each table and is different.

Min or Max Buy In online poker games

6. Pot

When playing poker cards, players will definitely put the chips in the middle of the table so they are not mixed with a stack that has not been used to bet each player. Now chips that have been placed in the middle of the table as bets are called pots. For example, pots of 25,000.

7. Community Cards

In playing poker, there must be cards placed on the table. This is what community cards or board cards or table cards mean. These cards generally amount to 5 cards. For example in the game Texas Holdem Poker.

These cards are shared by all players. This means that at the end of the game, each player has the right to combine it with the cards they hold (hole cards) to get the best poker card combination. Community cards are opened in three stages. The first stage is opened 3 cards (called the round flop). Then 1 card is opened again (called the turn round) and finally 1 more card (called the river turn).

8. Hole Cards

Hole cards are two cards that players hold. Hole cards will be combined with 5 community cards to get the best combination. The resulting combination of hole cards and community cards is called your hand. The player with the best hand wins the game.

9. Call, Raise, Fold, Check, and All In

Both Call, Raise, Fold, Check, All In are actions that players can choose when playing poker.

  • Definition of Call is placing a bet (bet) with the same value as the player placed before you.
  • Raise is placing a bet greater than the one the player placed before you. The amount is free, depending on your wishes. But there are some poker games that limit the number of bets.
  • Fold is the act of closing a card or stopping playing during the game round. This means you are not participating in the ongoing round of games. You can make this choice if you feel the bet is placed too high while the card you are holding is not strong enough to be pitted.
  • Check is the act of not making a Call or Raise. Unlike Fold, the Check option does not make you exit the game. It’s just that you can only make this choice if there are no players before you make the call.
  • All in is an action to place all your chips on the table. Keep in mind, if there are more chips than your chips, then all your chips will go into the pot. But if your chip is bigger than your opponent’s chips, then all in what you do is only as big as your opponent’s chips.

10. Deposit, Withdraw, Turnover and Referral

All of them are terms related to the transaction and financial process of the player.

  • Deposit is the process of replenishing a player’s balance. This means that the player sends an amount of money to an online gambling agent to be exchanged for chips or credit.
  • Withdraw or wd is the disbursement of credit or chips collected by the player to be transferred to the player’s account. Easy to withdraw is the withdrawal of the money won.
  • Turn over or TO is the amount that is at stake either winning or losing. Online poker agents will give a turnover bonus every week as much as a certain percentage of the player’s turnover value.
  • Referral is a term for players who have registered with an online poker agent and then invite others to join. Usually each member will get a referral link to promote. If you successfully invite other people to join through the referral link, the player will get a bonus.

Now that’s a number of important terms that exist in real money online poker games that players should understand before playing, actually this game is almost same type of bola tangkas game that you can play on www.betberry.org. Hopefully today is your lucky day.