Online Poker games have really become a hobby for online gambling lovers to play, so Online Poker is very popular among online gambling. But many are really great at playing Poker Online so they always feel a win without losing.

What about those who are beginners or do not have their own strategy? they will be easier to find, if you are one of the players who don’t have a strategy. We will provide 7 POWERFUL WAYS TO WIN CONTINUE TO PLAY POKER ONLINE on, including:

1. Bring Enough Chips

Bring Enough Chips

Don’t be too lustful and greedy to spend a lot of capital unless you are already an expert in online poker games. We suggest that for those of you who are beginners, bring enough chips or just a little capital to avoid big losses in the game so you can use the 6 methods that we will provide below. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to bring a lot of chips but when you enter the policy, you only use a little.

2. Learn Your Opponent’s Game

Learn Your Opponent's Game

Once you’re ready to play it’s time to get in your shirt to play, but hold on before you sit down to play. Take your time to pay attention to the play of your opponent at the table and understand, if you know how your opponent is playing be prepared to fight when you join the table.

3. Strategy of Bluffing or BLUFFING

Strategy of Bluffing or BLUFFING

After you pay attention to your opponent’s game, then we have one strategy that is quite effective for you to use, namely the Bluffing strategy. The bluffing strategy is very useful for where when you hold a bad card but have such a big card, then increase your bet until the other opponent FOLD. But this strategy has a high enough risk too if the enemy really holds a big card, then use this strategy according to the circumstances.

4. Count Ripe — Ripe

Count Ripe — Ripe

This strategy is very important to use when playing in Online Poker, because players who use a strategy like this have a greater chance of winning. Because they will actually calculate the bet that will be issued according to the cards they hold.

5. Switch — Move Position

Switch — Move Position

If you feel unlucky where you are sitting, please stand for a moment and pay attention to which seat often wins. If you have noticed, try to sit next to the seat or if the seat is empty, please place it immediately, because it will affect the luck you have. But we are not completely convinced by this tactic but the senior players have used this tactic many times and it works.

6. Don’t Be Confident When Holding Big Cards

Don't Be Confident When Holding Big Cards

When someone holds a large card, for example AA, AQ, JK, QQ, KK or in the form of a pair, they are immediately very confident and very ready to go all-in. So this is one of the big mistakes that makes the player lose, wait until the 5th card is issued by the dealer and the more you make sure your card is strong then please increase the bet or ALL In.

7. Be patient

Be patient

When the 6 ways above you still experience defeat, of course you will be annoyed or emotional so that it makes your defeat even more difficult. We recommend staying patient because if you stay calm and play slowly, you can definitely recover the losses you have experienced.
We also have a secret that we will reveal to you in the form of pictures and an explanation of the starting hand you are holding. The following is a picture and explanation of the starting hand that you must know:

Look at the Example Image Above.

When you hold the card according to the red position, for example AQ, AA, AJ, AT (T is 10) and so on, please do ALL IN, don’t wait for the first card to open, let alone the third. ALL In is very useful for mentally dropping players who hold small cards, but if you don’t like ALL IN, please increase your bet.

When you hold a card according to the position that is yellow is a spring card, a card like this has the same chance of winning and losing. Cards like this are very important to maintain until the end of the 5th card issued which occasionally becomes a strong card.
When you hold the card according to the blue position, your chances of winning are small if you hold this card. If there is an opponent who does Raise or ALL IN, please FOLD immediately, but if you only make a call, please follow it until the last card comes out.

When you hold the card according to the green position, we recommend FOLD immediately because the chance of winning for this card is very small.
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How to Win Playing Poker 2022

How to Win Playing Poker 2022

How to Win Playing Poker 2022

A poker game certainly has the same chance of winning and losing, it all depends on the person who plays it. But sometimes we can change the winning percentage that should be 50% to 80% in a certain way.

Winning when playing poker is every bettor’s dream, including yourself. But sometimes what we expect does not match what happens when we play.
Poker itself is a game that is a little difficult to win because this game does not depend on the type of card you get but the way and technique you play. You must think that big cards like AK have a greater chance of winning. In fact it is just nonsense in poker games let alone real money poker.

Have you ever got an AK Card and you did ALL-in on https://www.cq9.info/ and in the end you lost with your opponent’s card which is only worth 2 and 3. Of course you have experienced it, they cheated?, they bot?, they admin?. The answer is NO!!!. Then why can it be like that?.
As I explained above, the game of poker is not based on what cards you get. Poker games require skill and experience to play as well as a little cheating technique to be able to win it.

This article will give you How to Win Playing Poker With Guaranteed Effective Cheating Techniques that you can use to play your favorite poker.

But before getting into the cheating technique that I will give you, it’s a good idea to first look at the following tips for playing poker:

The most basic thing you should know is how to play poker. You have to know the basics in playing poker such as the order of the cards, the type of card, the percentage of card wins you have and so on.

These tips might help you a little, pay attention to how your opponent plays, if your opponent often folds and in certain rounds he goes all-in. There is a possibility that the card he gets is a high value card or Pair.

If you already understand the basics of the game, then you just have to understand and understand how to play it. The cheat method that I will teach is about how to bluff your opponent with mediocre cards.

This technique has proven to be effective for you to run. But don’t use this technique too often because your opponent can read how you play. If you use this technique then try to use it by switching tables. This means that if you’ve done it once, try to find another table to do it so you don’t get caught on how you play.

There are 2 kinds of techniques for bullying opponents, namely:

Pure bluffing, which means that you immediately bully your opponent from the moment the cards are dealt, this aims to scare your opponent so they don’t continue the game.

Semi Bluff, this method can be done at the end of the round, where you can do an all-in technique at the end of the bet. But before doing so, look at the situation and conditions because this technique is very dangerous if your opponent has a Pair card. If your opponent from the start always checks, you can do it, if in that round someone raises, it’s better if you don’t follow this method.

That’s How to Win Playing Poker With Guaranteed Effective Cheating Techniques that you can use to play your favorite online poker game. Make sure the plan you are going to do is not read by your opponent. Hopefully Hokki always, stay tuned for updates to interesting articles that I will present to all of you.