7 Poker Tips To Improve Your Gameplay From Bad To Excellent

7 Poker Tips To Improve Your Gameplay From Bad To Excellent

Are you struggling to make consistent and good profits at the poker tables? Would you say that the current game results are “close to break even”?

First of all, don’t worry cause you are not alone. This shows that most poker players actually experience it, with some strategic adjustments. Games are often required to excel in disastrous outcomes.

In this article, I will give you seven tricks to play poker online to win at, simple but very effective poker tricks to take your poker game to the next level.

1. Think About Reach, Not Just The Cards In Hand

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between the average poker player and the elite is to assess the way they think about what their opponents have. The average poker player tries and puts someone on a certain hand.

A range or range is basically the entire spectrum of hands that a person can have in a given situation. For example, player X can have a flush, top pair, middle pair, bottom pair, draw, ace-high or complete air-ball bluff.

Good players understand that player X will appear with this entire range of hands with varying frequency. They try and figure out those frequencies and then come up with the best play possible. Meanwhile the average player tries to place the opponent exactly on (or some other specific hand) because that’s “what their instincts tell them to do.”

2. Throw Your Favorite Hand

Many people have a favorite hand. I know that whenever I’m dealing with an old suit – my eyes light up and I want to play it that way!

However, in reality I know that the suit {9 -} {7 -} – is a mediocre hand. It makes sense to play it at some point – a position that has recently occurred, for example, in an unopened pot. This trick of playing poker is important: it’s best to always close in an early position.

If you currently have a favorite hand, that’s great – most people do too. But don’t give it special treatment and play badly for it. The trick to playing poker and winning is actually about cold hard math and logic, not superstition.

3. Adopting Strategy Consistently

Another big key to becoming a great poker player is consistently applying poker tricks and sticking to a winning strategy. It’s okay if you suddenly change things (eg to open with a {9 -} {7 -} suit from your starting position) just because you’re bored or irritated.

All your lessons, experiences, poker playing tricks and studies over the years have provided you with the knowledge that tells you how to play this game profitably. But it only really matters if you apply it at the poker table all the time.

Elite poker players apply the same winning strategy over and over again, no matter how they feel or what their latest game result was.

4. Always Have a Reason

The most successful poker players sometimes go out of their way to play standard successful poker, but always for very obvious reasons.

The average player may start raising the {9 -} {7 -} suit in early position because he is bored or wants to make something happen. But sometimes an elite poker player will raise (increase the value of the bet) this hand combination in this position because he sees the table playing passively and there are several recreational players hiding. There are obvious reasons that appear then to believe that raising {9 -} {7 -} in early position (usually closed or folding under normal circumstances) might actually actually make for a profitable game in this situation.

If you can come up with a reasonable argument as to why deviating from your regular strategy that might actually be more profitable, that’s okay. What to get rid of are “because I feel that way” or “I’m bored” excuses.

5. Know When to Close Your Ace

Another obvious difference between the average poker player and the good poker player is the ability to fold into super pairs (the pair of hands is higher than each player’s best card).

You know that little sick feeling you get when you have {A-} {A-} and a tough opponent raises the value of all bets on the turn? You make what is called a “crying call” and your opponent again turns the set over to his advantage.

This is trick you need always to keep in your mind: watch the pain more often. There are even certain patterns that are easy to spot in the lowest stakes – especially when you are playing online poker – where it is 100 percent correct play to multiply your overpair.

Good players are able to let go of emotional attachments with their beautiful hands. The average player is either “married” or very attached to their Ace or King cards, and unable to let go of these cards even when they know they are in a losing position.

6. Realizing Tilt (emotional situation and being angry at others) Only Hurts You

Tilt is the destroyer of many people’s finances, dreams and poker careers. I can’t tell you how often I’ve received emails or comments from people explaining to me how they’ve lost large sums of their money when things got bad at the poker tables.

The reality of poker is that sometimes things will go bad for you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. There is no poker trick to overcome this situation except to accept this as a fact every time you sign up to sit down and play. There is always a chance that you can play really badly. Although, you might as well turn off the lights and end the game.

When you allow yourself to lose control of your emotions and throw your strategy out the window, the only person you hurt is yourself. The poker tricks you’ve been learning all along have become useless. All the hours that you have spent learning the tricks of playing poker and improving your game, have been wasted because you have decided to choose your emotions over reason, at a time that really matters.

Appreciate what you have done. You owe it to yourself to keep your cool and stop wasting money when the card is in a bad situation.

7. Don’t Play in Bad Games

One more way the average player constantly sabotages their poker results is to stubbornly play in games full of good regulars. If you can’t find someone at the table who is clearly playing really bad, then you really have to ask yourself why you are there.

If you only play poker for a mental challenge or for recreation or pleasure, then this should not be a problem. These poker tricks don’t always work for you. But if your priority is really to win, then you need to remember that you will not have a significant advantage in poker by relying only on a very small advantage against good poker players. You will win big playing poker against players who make very basic mistakes and are willing to lose their money in the long run. Remember this as one of the tricks for playing online poker to win.

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The classic film Rounders reminds us, “If you can’t see someone who sucks in your first half hour at the table, then you’re the sucker yourself.”




Online Poker games have really become a hobby for online gambling lovers to play, so Online Poker is very popular among online gambling. But many are really great at playing Poker Online so they always feel a win without losing.

What about those who are beginners or do not have their own strategy? they will be easier to find, if you are one of the players who don’t have a strategy. We will provide 7 POWERFUL WAYS TO WIN CONTINUE TO PLAY POKER ONLINE on, including:

1. Bring Enough Chips

Bring Enough Chips

Don’t be too lustful and greedy to spend a lot of capital unless you are already an expert in online poker games. We suggest that for those of you who are beginners, bring enough chips or just a little capital to avoid big losses in the game so you can use the 6 methods that we will provide below. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to bring a lot of chips but when you enter the policy, you only use a little.

2. Learn Your Opponent’s Game

Learn Your Opponent's Game

Once you’re ready to play it’s time to get in your shirt to play, but hold on before you sit down to play. Take your time to pay attention to the play of your opponent at the table and understand, if you know how your opponent is playing be prepared to fight when you join the table.

3. Strategy of Bluffing or BLUFFING

Strategy of Bluffing or BLUFFING

After you pay attention to your opponent’s game, then we have one strategy that is quite effective for you to use, namely the Bluffing strategy. The bluffing strategy is very useful for where when you hold a bad card but have such a big card, then increase your bet until the other opponent FOLD. But this strategy has a high enough risk too if the enemy really holds a big card, then use this strategy according to the circumstances.

4. Count Ripe — Ripe

Count Ripe — Ripe

This strategy is very important to use when playing in Online Poker, because players who use a strategy like this have a greater chance of winning. Because they will actually calculate the bet that will be issued according to the cards they hold.

5. Switch — Move Position

Switch — Move Position

If you feel unlucky where you are sitting, please stand for a moment and pay attention to which seat often wins. If you have noticed, try to sit next to the seat or if the seat is empty, please place it immediately, because it will affect the luck you have. But we are not completely convinced by this tactic but the senior players have used this tactic many times and it works.

6. Don’t Be Confident When Holding Big Cards

Don't Be Confident When Holding Big Cards

When someone holds a large card, for example AA, AQ, JK, QQ, KK or in the form of a pair, they are immediately very confident and very ready to go all-in. So this is one of the big mistakes that makes the player lose, wait until the 5th card is issued by the dealer and the more you make sure your card is strong then please increase the bet or ALL In.

7. Be patient

Be patient

When the 6 ways above you still experience defeat, of course you will be annoyed or emotional so that it makes your defeat even more difficult. We recommend staying patient because if you stay calm and play slowly, you can definitely recover the losses you have experienced.
We also have a secret that we will reveal to you in the form of pictures and an explanation of the starting hand you are holding. The following is a picture and explanation of the starting hand that you must know:

Look at the Example Image Above.

When you hold the card according to the red position, for example AQ, AA, AJ, AT (T is 10) and so on, please do ALL IN, don’t wait for the first card to open, let alone the third. ALL In is very useful for mentally dropping players who hold small cards, but if you don’t like ALL IN, please increase your bet.

When you hold a card according to the position that is yellow is a spring card, a card like this has the same chance of winning and losing. Cards like this are very important to maintain until the end of the 5th card issued which occasionally becomes a strong card.
When you hold the card according to the blue position, your chances of winning are small if you hold this card. If there is an opponent who does Raise or ALL IN, please FOLD immediately, but if you only make a call, please follow it until the last card comes out.

When you hold the card according to the green position, we recommend FOLD immediately because the chance of winning for this card is very small.
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The Secret to Win playing the Most Trusted Online Poker on the Internet

The Secret to Win playing the Most Trusted Online Poker on the Internet

The Secret to Win playing the Most Trusted Online Poker on the Internet

In playing gambling you should try to playing demo first. Recomended site for playing demo is on demo spadegaming, every player certainly wants to be able to get a win from every gamble they play, just like playing trusted online poker, Poker is one of the most famous card game types. Even in Indonesia, some people are familiar with what poker is. Online poker gambling is card gambling that actually uses a lucky system in the game, the player who gets the cool card combination will be the winner. Likewise for the current game system, poker gambling can be played with the internet, can use a computer together or can use an Android mobile phone, depending on how comfortable you feel when playing poker. can be with a computer or can be with an android cell phone. For a trusted online poker game, at least you have to understand some of the best card combinations, starting from Royal Flush to High Card.

  • The secret to playing trusted online poker on the internet
  • Understand card combination well
  • The first element that you have to do is to explore the combination of card poker well, our goal here is that you have to know the order of cards from large to small, so the one that has the most potential to give you victory when playing. This is one of the ways to gain victory.

do not hesitate to Call / Raise

The next one, we often see many players who hesitate to follow the course of the game with small or bad cards, even though you clearly don’t know whether what appears on the big card table or the same card as the card you are holding. This proves that you can’t really master the game well. don’t make it easy to fold, if you want to fold, run it when the first card appears. If you are hesitant to play then other players can easily guess your card type.
do Bluffing
What is bluffing? Bluffing is a game system that allows you to win a round of card poker games, generally Bluffing is used by professional gamblers to win. The bluffing tip itself is to bluff your opponent to play together to do All In even though the type of card we are holding is the combination is small or bad. The trick is when you run the bluff yourself (when your old opponent carries the provisions, when there are not a few opponents who are just checking, and at the end of the card appear, watch their expressions). Now that’s where you can start bluffing, but remember to believe.

playing at the right table

On average, not a few gamblers think that playing online poker gambling is also determined by luck when choosing a table, and that is indeed true. In choosing a table or seating location, you need your own consideration. Once you lose at that table you better stand and find another table that has a high chance of winning. The tips for choosing the correct poker table are by sorting a number of numbers from top to bottom, look for even numbers on Monday to Wednesday, while the odd numbers make the table from Thursday to Sunday. this trick is sometimes successful & not a few give winners to poker gambling players.

Those are some simple procedures & instructions to win a trusted online poker gambling in unique but convincing ways. Have a try & welcome to join us. achieve victory even now.

Things that must be considered when playing online poker

Things that must be considered when playing online poker

Things that must be considered when playing online poker

In this article I, as an online poker gambling agent, will explain to you how many things you must see in order to win the online poker gambling game, because as we know this game doesn’t depend on the hockey you have, the tips and strategies you have. the two main supporting factors you need to have in order to win it.

If you don’t have the skills that can support you in this game, then you have to have tactics that can keep you going in order to win this online poker game, and speaking of tactics there are lots of things you can do to win, make it so that you can. help player tactics run well, online poker gambling agents will explain how many things you have to wait so that you can support your victory in tactics properly as follows:


Calculate your monthly income first. Set aside for an online poker Agent game with a value that will not interfere with your financial life. In this way, you can play real money poker gambling and leave a gap in bankruptcy that will cloud your future. Do not hastily aim for wealth through practical and fast means. Because mistakes actually lead to poverty and in debt. Mainly, with a money value that doesn’t matter if you lose.


Once you have set a limit for bets that can be issued privately. Next, try to observe the game that is running. You can log in and choose a table, but don’t sit down right away. Take a look at the running games first. Pay attention to how to play how many people are there. Research how they bet or increase the stake. Which player raises, and which is the fold. If you already have feelings about their game scheme, please sit down and join the game too.


After researching their game, we have a fairly efficient way to use Bluffing or Bluffing tactics. The bluffing strategy is especially useful when you are holding bad cards but want to impersonate good cards. So bluff by raising, until all of this, scaring people or other enemies FOLD. However, this strategy carries a very high risk. If the enemy really holds a large card, then you can lose all the money in seconds.

How to Choose a Trusted Online Poker Site

How to Choose a Trusted Online Poker Site

We will never know when we will find several game options that consist of several Indonesian online poker sites. To find safe and official sites such as these trusted sites, we must know a few things about gambling games such as poker and several other types of gambling. The number of fraudulent sites that use the guise of gambling sites that are rife today makes players, especially novice players, have a little trouble when they have to find a site that can be played safely without losing money.

For that, the following tips are answered for those of us who want to find an official site that is safe to play. We no longer need to worry about the losses that we might experience because of our ignorance. For that we must always update information about some of the games that are currently available on several poker game sites. On Indonesian online poker sites such as, we will find several things or characteristics of poker sites that are professionally managed and recognized as official sites. The age of the site is the key to being able to find out which of these sites is a site that we can trust or not.

Find out the tricks to find a trusted Indonesian online poker site

We must use special tricks to be able to take advantage of trusted play. Playing on a trusted Indonesian online poker site is not just about finding trusted online poker. We also have to know what are the features of a game site that is managed to reap more benefits from its players and is not carried out transparently to players, especially regarding the rules and mechanisms of online card gambling sites.

The Secret Of The Most Trusted Online Poker Site

Getting to know a particular gambling game in more depth will give us more knowledge about the game and how we can win the game. From gambling games like poker itself, we only have to do a few tricks to bully or outwit opponents. We will never know whether the card the opponent is holding is really good or if your hand is the better one. This is a lesson for a player who is new to playing or is still a beginner in this game.

Always Get Reference For Indonesian Online Poker Sites

Having references to trusted websites will be the best way to get some trusted site names. However, there is still no official institution that will determine this. If we really get the opportunity to be able to play poker on a certain site, then at least make sure of some of the above to help us maximize our profits.

Some Characteristics Of Trusted Sites

Trustworthy sites usually have a fairly long lifespan of more than 1 year. some sites that have an age of just under 1 year usually have an indication as a site that has the possibility to be managed by rogue agents. For that, avoid some of these sites before we try to play on certain sites.

Always Ensure the Standard Mechanism and Regulations Applied by the Indonesian Online Poker Site

Even though we have been playing on a certain site for a long time, we still have to pay attention to some of the standards used by that site. If we find changes to the site, then there could be slight changes that can be positive or negative in the Indonesian online poker site which we should also recognize.

10 Important Terms In Online Poker Real Money Games

10 Important Terms In Online Poker Real Money Games

Playing poker is really fun. The game that is usually played when gathering with friends is in fact now available online. We can play poker online for real money. Besides getting pleasure, of course we will benefit. The condition is we must win the game.

Well before we can win the game, we must first understand the various terms in the online poker game. Because there are some terms that we don’t find in poker casino gambling agents but there are times when we play poker online for real money. What are they? Here are some important terms:

1. Decks

Decks will be found when playing online poker. Understanding decks is a term for the cards used to play poker. There are 52 types of cards. Each grouped into 4 suits (groups) and each group has 13 grades.

The 4 suits (groups) consist of Clubber / Curly (♣), Heart (♥), Diamond / Diamond (♦), and Spade / Skop / Black Waru (♠). While for grades the value consists of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. For J (Jack) cards can be considered worth 11, Q (Queen) is worth 12 , K (King) has a value of 13. Especially for A (Ace) can be 1 or 14, depending on the function.

2. Blinds

Blinds are the minimum and maximum bets that are forced because the player is next to the dealer (D). Bet for the blind must even be done before the cards are dealt. This means that if you want to play (get cards) you must first place a bet according to the value of the blind.

There are two types of blinds that you can choose. It can be ‘small blind’ or minimum bet limit and also ‘big blind’ or maximum bet limit (bet) that you must place because you are next to the dealer before cards are dealt. The amount of blinds can be seen from the table stakes. For example a table with 500/1000 stakes. This means that the small blind is 500, and 1000 is the big blind.

3. Stakes

What are stakes? Stakes is a term in real money poker that is used to refer to a table based on the value of the small blind and also the big blind on the table. For example 500/1000, 300/600, or 1000/2000 and others.

4. Chips

Even though it’s called online poker betting real money, but what we use to bet is not money. But chips that we have bought with our money. Chips are the “currencies” used in online poker games and several other types of gambling.

These chips are worth the money. In the world of gambling, chips have an intrinsic value of a certain amount to be used in betting. Chips can be cashed back by the player to the publisher if the player wants to stop playing.

5. Min / Max Buy In

It is a term for chips that can be brought by players to the betting table. So in playing poker online, it doesn’t mean that you can carry all the chips or bring only a few chips. But there are rules about how many minimal and maximum chips you can carry. Min / Max Buy In is listed on each table and is different.

Min or Max Buy In online poker games

6. Pot

When playing poker cards, players will definitely put the chips in the middle of the table so they are not mixed with a stack that has not been used to bet each player. Now chips that have been placed in the middle of the table as bets are called pots. For example, pots of 25,000.

7. Community Cards

In playing poker, there must be cards placed on the table. This is what community cards or board cards or table cards mean. These cards generally amount to 5 cards. For example in the game Texas Holdem Poker.

These cards are shared by all players. This means that at the end of the game, each player has the right to combine it with the cards they hold (hole cards) to get the best poker card combination. Community cards are opened in three stages. The first stage is opened 3 cards (called the round flop). Then 1 card is opened again (called the turn round) and finally 1 more card (called the river turn).

8. Hole Cards

Hole cards are two cards that players hold. Hole cards will be combined with 5 community cards to get the best combination. The resulting combination of hole cards and community cards is called your hand. The player with the best hand wins the game.

9. Call, Raise, Fold, Check, and All In

Both Call, Raise, Fold, Check, All In are actions that players can choose when playing poker.

  • Definition of Call is placing a bet (bet) with the same value as the player placed before you.
  • Raise is placing a bet greater than the one the player placed before you. The amount is free, depending on your wishes. But there are some poker games that limit the number of bets.
  • Fold is the act of closing a card or stopping playing during the game round. This means you are not participating in the ongoing round of games. You can make this choice if you feel the bet is placed too high while the card you are holding is not strong enough to be pitted.
  • Check is the act of not making a Call or Raise. Unlike Fold, the Check option does not make you exit the game. It’s just that you can only make this choice if there are no players before you make the call.
  • All in is an action to place all your chips on the table. Keep in mind, if there are more chips than your chips, then all your chips will go into the pot. But if your chip is bigger than your opponent’s chips, then all in what you do is only as big as your opponent’s chips.

10. Deposit, Withdraw, Turnover and Referral

All of them are terms related to the transaction and financial process of the player.

  • Deposit is the process of replenishing a player’s balance. This means that the player sends an amount of money to an online gambling agent to be exchanged for chips or credit.
  • Withdraw or wd is the disbursement of credit or chips collected by the player to be transferred to the player’s account. Easy to withdraw is the withdrawal of the money won.
  • Turn over or TO is the amount that is at stake either winning or losing. Online poker agents will give a turnover bonus every week as much as a certain percentage of the player’s turnover value.
  • Referral is a term for players who have registered with an online poker agent and then invite others to join. Usually each member will get a referral link to promote. If you successfully invite other people to join through the referral link, the player will get a bonus.

Now that’s a number of important terms that exist in real money online poker games that players should understand before playing, actually this game is almost same type of bola tangkas game that you can play on www.betberry.org. Hopefully today is your lucky day.

Learn to Play Poker Online From Start

Learn to Play Poker Online From Start

Learn to Play Poker Online From Start

Poker has been played for many years by people all over the world. For many people, poker has become something that is not because they know how to win the game. These people carry this out for fun. This game can increase the level of any poker game. This game has many advantages to be played online. This is the main challenge. But let’s take a closer look at the benefits of playing this online game:

Plan your movements in silence: When you play indoors and you are a beginner, you will be really nervous because of a beard, with sunglasses and trained players without pro-s distractions in bluffing. But when you play at home, this problem doesn’t exist.

Play in free or concrete money games: This is your choice whether you want to play with real money or free to train and improve our skills in free games.

Make your unique easily: This tactic returns something that can be obtained with 2-3 games. You have to practice a lot before you can say I have to fight to play poker. This applies to online and offline poker. But this brings out something that cannot be surpassed by anyone who can create a unique and exciting challenge itself. Benefits make you believe at home again about feeling confident in your movements when playing at home.

For the most part, this is the most advantage of playing online poker. Now let’s see

The rules: Poker regulations must be approved You must have a problem learning them. The number of players varies from 2 to 10 for one table tournament. For multi-table tournaments there is no limit to the number of players. For tournaments with 10 players, funds are distributed as follows: 50% for the first area, 30% for the second area and 20% for the third.

Limit to bet: Each game (where paid) has its own limit to bet. The limit has been determined, the increase limit needs to be determined too. There are 3 main hopes:

  • Unlimited Poker: In unlimited poker, each bet and ride bets are determined specifically. For example: if the limit is between $ 5 / $ 6 this means a minimum bet of $ 5 and a maximum bet of $ 6. In the first and second rounds, win a bet of $ 1 for a small bet and $ 2 for two bets, which is the same as a large bet.
  • Unlimited: In this version of the game there are limits on minimum scores only. Every time you play $ 1 / $ 2, it’s very small at $ 1, the big one – $ 2, which is the minimum score for every purchase in each game set. The maximum bet depends on the number of chips in front of each player only. Each time a race, anyone can bet.
  • Pot Limits: This version consists of the two types described above. The minimum bet is determined on the same principle in the No Limit version, even though the optimal score is adjusted accordingly steady and equal to the perfect number of chips collected from the previous batch in this hand in the middle of the table. These chips are called pots which give the name of the game.

I hope I caught your attention and this game looks cool to you. If you want to add concrete exercises and improve your skills, and all this when staying at home in front of your PC this game is for you! Try now.

5 Tips Poker Online That You Should Try

5 Tips Poker Online That You Should Try

Many don’t know the system of playing poker online gambling, even though this game is really easy and who can even do it. Even beginners who try it for the first time will have no trouble playing this game and more easy you can play bola tangkas online it’s the oldest fashion of poker. That’s because this game is really easy to understand.

For those of you who wish to play poker online games, you should first understand the game tips and tricks that will be given by the admin. If you play only with luck and luck alone, then to receive the expected victory is really difficult. Because those who play the game are people who are experts in the state of reading cards.

Some Tips and Tricks For Playing Gambling On Poker Website

The name of the race or competition should use tactics if you want to win in the race, so you should know in advance some systems so that you can receive victories, see some of the tips and tricks below:

  1. Capital / Crackers
    To be able to play, we rightly have chips or capital in the game, more or less capital does not guarantee you will win easily. If you are a novice admin, it is recommended to place the minimum bet on the table first, this is to avoid large losses at the beginning of your game.
  2. Reading Opponent Games
    Reading the game is one of the keys to victory, not only for beginners, even though skilled players always apply this trick. You should be able to read your opponents ‘movements, play with plants and full focus is a sure system to outwit your opponents’ games. By playing quietly your opponents will not be able to read your game.
  3. Set Game Tempo
    Playing with the tempo of the game is also really needed in online gambling games, given the turn of the cards on the table is always carried out randomly. If when the card you are playing is not a card that you believe can win the game, it is appropriate for you to fold it.
  4. Moving Position
    Choosing a position based on you will receive kinship too which is an element in your victory. If in the previous position you felt you did not have a good kinship or card rotation, we suggest migrating positions. You don’t need to do this if you think you accept victory because strategy and tactics are not luck. However, this trick is also applied by players who have been skilled and skilled and often receive victory.
  5. Self Control
    In the game also requires strong patience, you will accept defeat if you play hard. Playing with emotions rests on something rash because it doesn’t make you win, it just makes you cluck. We provide input so that you can hold yourself when playing in the game, if you play steadily you will automatically be able to empower clear efforts to reverse the situation, and slowly you can dominate the game that can make you win the race.

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Thus we write about 5 tips on Winning poker online Gambling that You Should Try. These tips can you apply on the best poker online website, hopefully this article can answer your question guidelines about the system of winning playing poker.

How to Avoid Robots in Online Poker Games

How to Avoid Robots in Online Poker Games

How to Avoid Robots in Online Poker Games – In online poker games, it is very important to know that not all players sitting at the betting table are all pure players. If you see players who win constantly and rarely lose, then you have to stop playing, because you have to suspect that the game has been mixed with robots. Then you must stop playing immediately and you must realize this, if the online poker game already has a robot, it is already difficult for you to get the winnings that you want to get.

Admin will give some tips to avoid robots in online poker games:

Usually there are people who use strange nicknames, which can be interpreted by having a robot on the betting table. There are robots that you can see, robots rarely reply to players’ chats or there is no expression in online poker games even though he wins lots of wins and continues. They can easily read the opponent’s card without looking at it, of course it is very easy to injure the original player.

  • Avoid the players who win a lot

Look and note correctly that if there are robots, victory can be sustained and can even reach hundreds of millions without losing. The usual value of the robot card is slightly different from the opponent card which is actually a real player. If you find something like the above then you can chat or send emojis and see if he responds, if he doesn’t respond then you just quit the game and move to another table. sitejudiqq.live

  • Don’t Try Bluffing

Ordinary players already use bluffing against fellow players, but this method won’t be effective if you bluff is a robot, it can even make you useless, because the robot can easily find out the card you hold. The robot will still follow the correct bet amount. So if you often lose, by trying to bluff, you must be vigilant.

  • Always Get a Good Card

As a player, if you get a good card, then you will immediately increase your betting meetings, of course, but if there are players who continue to increase meeting bets as well and continue to get a combination of good-value cards, then you must be vigilant. Because robots can easily find out the card you get.